Welcome to my webpage. I will tell you a little about myself.
And please do take a look at the category “Portfolio” to see my previous works or browse around to get to know me better 😀

Name: Carina Johansson
Age: 23
Nationality: Swedish & American.
Profession: Graphic designer & digital artist
Education: Bachelors degree in Media Technology Graduated from Södertörn University, Stockholm Sweden. In addition one year of communication design and contemporary art studies at Konkuk University. Seoul South Korea.
Contact:     070-745-2906

I’m a very upright person that enjoys peoples presence. I think I am pretty easy to deal with because I try to be a good listener and open for all ideas. To be able to work hard for something that will entertain or make a difference to others brings a smile upon my face, that is what I want to continue to strive for.