Videographer and Editor in Korea

I’m a videographer and editor in Korea with a passion for making cute, beautiful, informative, and fun content. I have a lot of experience in making Youtube/social media videos for various companies and I’ve even been in a few videos myself. I prefer project-based teamwork rather than working on my own as I’m a social butterfly. However, I enjoy editing and managing social media content on my own. I’m constantly trying to improve my skills by trying out new styles and keeping myself updated with trends.

I don’t own expensive cameras and equipment so with the lack of experience I can’t call myself a professional videographer yet, but I’m still a creative camera worker.

My motto for myself is: Let’s create something that will give a smile on people’s faces.

I'm. a Videographer and Editor in Korea
A picture of me. I’m quite goofy and love the color pink

Latest works – Korean culture

I’m a Videographer and Editor in Korea and my latest works are made for Go! Go! Hanguk, which is a company that provides free service for students who want to live and study in Korea.

Travel video on what to do in Jeju during February
An informative video on which mobile apps you need in Korea
A short video on where to go to see the cherry blossom in Korea

Promotional works

Being a Videographer and Editor in Korea is really fun! Thanks to KoreaTravelEasy – an online travel booking platform in Korea – I got to be a tourist and work at the same time! I made videos for promoting their tours, unique activities, concerts, and more. You can easily book these on

Promoting a travel tour package – Instagram spots
How to rent a wifi pocket egg at the airport.

Slideshows / Lists

To see more of my works for KoreaTravelEasy please CLICK HERE

Older work – in Sweden

Click to read more about my work at UR – a Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company

How to Contact me

These were only a small portion of my best works. I’m looking for bigger and/or more challenging projects to take on. If you would like to work with me please send me an email: