Carina Johansson – Portfolio

Who Am I?

I’m Carina! A videographer and editor in Korea with a passion for making fun, creative and aesthetic content. I mostly make Youtube/social media videos for various companies. I also create other types of content. I’ve done some graphic design work, photography, and blog writing on the side.

What can I offer?

I sometimes look for fun freelance projects to take on! If you are looking for a videographer to make you a commercial film for your small business, or even a brand identity, please contact me! I own a canon R6 camera together with some lights and other simple equipment, I can make magic happen with it!

What do I strive for?

I’m constantly trying to improve my skills by trying out new styles and keeping myself updated with trends and software. I am currently learning Davinci Resolve and may convert to it from Premiere pro. One of the best parts of my work is meeting all types of people. I get to learn and discover through hearing their stories. Which of course increases my inspiration!


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My motto: Be a proud nerd and a fun creator.


Videos (Korean) – Busan City Cinematic Travel Video by Carina Johansson – Interview and some scenery B-roll filmed by Carina Johansson
Advertisement for Schooltrip (스쿨트립 : 교육여행연구소) – Exploring Hapcheon city + a comedic sketch – Best of Pyeongchang city by Carina Johansson
Promotional video for Incheon Tourism organization by Carina Johansson
Greenfoot – Sustainable low-carbon lifestyle – edited by Carina Johansson

Videos (English)

These videos are made for Go! Go! Hanguk, which is a company that provides free services for students who want to live and study in Korea. See more videos I’ve made for them here.

An informative video on which mobile apps you need in Korea

Commercial – Exploring product filming

Practice shooting at home short ver. – If Oatly and Uji Kyoto brands would collab (It would be amazing)
Must visit places – Great for Social media feed

ASMR Channel – Film and edit

ASMR Youtube Channel- film and edit by Carina Johansson
Promoting a travel tour package – film and edit by Carina Johansson

To see more of my works for KoreaTravelEasy please CLICK HERE

Graphic Design

Logotypes for
Fika하자 – My personal Youtube channel


(Updating Section.)
Please take a look at my Instagram accounts to see my different styles. Click to go direct to Instagram.

Personal and travel photography account.
Citydal – Photo and editing inspired by my travels to big cities
CrazyforMatcha – Title says it all.

Other works

Co-writer and editor. Release date winter 2022

UR Tänk till – Stockholm, Sweden

Click to read more about my work at UR – a Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company

How to Contact me

These were only a small portion of my work. I’m looking for more challenging projects to take on. If you would like to work with me please send me an email: