Visiting a Raccoon Cafe in Seoul!


For my Boyfriends birthday, I took him out to a themed cafe called Blind Alley. This place was nice but the reason for going there was because they had raccoons! It’s my boyfriends favorite animal and we both have never really seen one in real life. So this was really exciting! For 6000won (+buy at least one drink) you can get a “raccoon ticket” which means you get a sticker on your hand that allows you to go in and out from the room where the raccoons live.


There were 3 big raccoons and one was even pregnant at the time. They were all sleeping when we first got there at around 3 pm~. Around an hour later they all woke up and had lots of energy. They were so funny to watch because they tried to take our flower bouquet and literally torn that apart, they also chased each other around, such a mischievous animal haha. The cafe owner was really kind as well, gave us some treats to give the raccoons and also let my boyfriend hold a raccoon over his head! They also had a cute piglet and a corgi dog in the cafe (separate from the raccoons). I really recommend visiting there once, it’s a fun experience!


Address: South Korea, Seoul, Yongsan-gu, Cheongpadong 2(i)-ga, Cheongpa-ro 47-gil, 76