The Netherlands – Amsterdam

My first night train experience! It was fun haha I actually slept good, but I don’t like the life of a backpacker (no time for showering often, no time for makeup etc) so on the pictures I just look like a mess. Poor Donghyeon did not like this experience at all. He could not sleep because of the trains movements. Here is a tip: sleep on the top, no disturbance at all and there is more space to put your belongings. The middle bed which Donghyeon got, is the worst spot. People knocked into his pillow when they came in.

Anyway Amsterdam is pretty and of course we were there for Van gogh.. that’s pretty much it, we just spent a day there and moved on to Belgium!  2016-01-16 23.02.49  1455401154689 1455401164002 1455401168319