My resume 2021


 Hej! (means hello in Swedish). So you have come here to read more about me! I am flattered! Please click the download button below to

My Resume 2019


 Finally an update! I have different versions coming up but so far this one is my absolute favorite! It screams my personality and hopefully shows

My time at KoreaTravelEasy


 What is KoreaTravelEasy? “KoreaTravelEasy (코리아트래블이지) is a one-stop online travel booking platform for free & easy foreign travelers coming to Korea.  KoreaTravel Easy makes traveling in Korea

Visiting Malmö


  Malmö in the evening had some pretty neat decorations (and it’s not even christmas time). Very artsy and beautiful city. We walked mostly cause

Project The Truck’r


 I work at a trade school called “Yrkesplugget”. My roll is called marketing assistant. Some of my tasks include updating social media, arranging events such as

A thirsty post


 I love the concept of going out to have “a drink” whether it would be a cup of coffee/tea, juice or an alcoholic beverage. The

UK – London


 Gloomy London! We stayed here 5 days, our last traveling days before going back home to Sweden. Now we all know that London aint famous

France – Paris


 We spent 5 days in Paris. Visiting a lot of great museums. I got to see wonderful art by Claude Monet, Pierre-August Renoir and much