My time at UR – Utbildningsradion, Sweden

What is UR?

UR (Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company) is part of the public service broadcasting group in Sweden, with Swedish Radio (SR) and Swedish Television (SVT). UR’s mandate is to produce and broadcast educational and general knowledge programs which strengthen, broaden and complement the work of others active in education.” – UR Website

I worked at UR Tänk Till which is one of UR’s Social media sub-channels, targeted towards young teenagers in Sweden. The purpose of Tänk till is to bring up important topics that engage young people and give them an opportunity to speak up, discuss, teach and learn.


My role at UR Tänk Till

My title at the time was Social Media Editor & Content Producer at UR Tänk Till. As a small team at Tänk till we often got to publish Television content which we had to alter to suit Social media and our target group. However, we also got to produce our own content. From planning to shooting and editing, we all were involved and took upon different roles in each project. I took mostly on editing, camera work, and basic animations. We also got a small budget to put on Social Media advertisement. I learned a lot about how to advertise towards our target group.

Thumbnails and example of the content