My trip to Boryeong – Making Kim, digging for shellfish at the mudflats and more!

So thanks to KoreaTravelEasy I got to take a really cool and unique Trip to Boryeong! I’m so late writing about this so I do apologize but I really want to recommend this tour to other foreigners living/studying or just visiting for a longer time to enjoy the city of Boryeong! I think it’s about 3 hours away and most famous for its yearly Mud Festival. I will link info about that at the end as well. 🙂 So I’m just gonna go straight to what I did and why it was so fun!^^


My Day Started with Lunch!

This is Kalguksu (noodles) with shellfish. It was really fresh and delicious! If you do book the same Tour I did this dish will be included in the price, but if you want I also recommend buying some extra Mandu (Korean dumpling) to share if your hungry or just a foodie like me haha.




Time for picking Shellfish at Boryeongs famous Mudflats!

So we got boots, a shovel and a red bag to fill up with shellfish as you can see in the pictures. It was fairly easy to dig out the shellfish because the Ahjussi (Korean word for uncle) pointed out the best place at the moment and showed us how to dig. It was really fascinating seeing the smooth mud, green seaweed and how FAR you could actually walk out. It was also quite funny how your boot could get stuck in the mud sometimes haha. I guess some days you can’t go picking because of the high tide, so I was lucky! 😀




Free time at Daecheon Beach! I tried the Korean Sky bike!

I really really recommend the Skybike! It’s an easy ride with a great view! So peddling was not difficult and it even goes automatically when there’s an uphill. You go one way for maybe 15 min~and then turn and go back the same way. There was even a radio blasting some Kpop, I enjoyed listening to Winner – Reall Really and more haha. Also, I noticed that it wasn’t really a typical attraction for foreign tourists because I overheard families mentioning me like “Oh foreigners know of this place too?” “I didn’t expect to see a foreigner.” and etc. So I’m guessing it’s not really popular (yet).





Another activity that I’m too chicken to try is the Zip Line, which also seems really fun! You will be zip lining over the ocean and I noticed you can be two people riding it (so hopefully I can do it someday together with my bf).



Learning how to make handmade Kim (Korean Toasted Seaweed)!

Aside from trying on beautiful Hanboks (traditional clothing), this was probably my second favorite Korean activity I have ever done. Both interesting, fun and delicious! The people who taught us were so kind and we got to try so many samples. I was honestly surprised by how many types of Kim exist and how different they taste like! I ended up buying the coconut Kim snack cause it was so yummy! We also got a box of Kim to take home for free!^^




Last stop chill at Gaehwa Art Park before returning to Seoul

Now because this was right before Spring the gardens were not in full bloom so I bet if you go now or in a different season it will look much more colorful and beautiful. However, I was very happy to have found Lillis cafe. An Instagram lovers paradise! So many people were there to shoot photos. It’s a flower cafe with different themed rooms. Very vintage and fairylike. Totally recommend going here. Because it was the last stop, I was quite tired but I think I got enough time to relax, enjoy my tea and take a bunch of photos! I will only show a few but you can see more on my Instagram or Instagram overall by searching Gaehwa art park.






Book this trip to Boryeong!

Visit Boryeong, home of the Mud Festival in Korea. Experience mud flats, sky bike, zip track, Gaehwa Art Park and traditional dried seaweed (gim) making.

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I was really lucky to have met new wonderful friends during my trip! They also made a fun vlog of this trip! Their channel name is 외국인코리아WaegukinKorea and make many interesting videos about Korean culture with foreigners perspective. Check them out!

Boryeongs Mud Festival 2018!

I have never been to this festival but wow it looks so cool! Read more and book tickets here:

Visit Boryeong, home of the Mud Festival in Korea. Experience mud flats, sky bike, zip track, Gaehwa Art Park and traditional dried seaweed (gim) making.

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